1041 Be Unique(20分)--PAT甲级

Be Unique 题目 Being unique is so important to people on Mars that even their lottery is designed in a unique way. The rule of winning is simple: one bets on a number chosen from [1,104].

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1001 A+B Format(20分)--PAT甲级

A+B Format 题目 Calculate a+b and output the sum in standard format -- that is, the digits must be separated into groups of three by commas (unless there are less than four digits). - 时间限制: 400 ms

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1001 害死人不偿命的(3n+1)猜想(15分)--PAT乙级

害死人不偿命的(3n+1)猜想 题目 卡拉兹(Callatz)猜想: 对任何一个正整数 n,如果它是偶数,那么把它砍掉一半;如果它是奇数,那么把 (3n+1) 砍掉一半。这样一直反复砍下去,最后一定在某一步得到 n=1

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